Sunday, April 23, 2006

Surreal to say the least...

...Yesterday I got a phone call. "That's not surreal!" you say, but you didn't let me finish. The phone call was from a complete stranger. A wrong number, this feller was looking for a Julie, but he got ahold of me, instead of just hanging up like people usually do, he ends up talking to me for like half an hour! If you're the type who frequent chat rooms, then it was just like the introductions on those! "Oh really? So what are some of your hobbies? That's great..." Weird! It was wrapped up by him saying that for a total stranger I was pretty cool to talk to and maybe he'd call me again. Yeah, weird!

And now, surreal happening no. 2: I also talked to my older brother on the phone last night (this was after wrong number dude). Now it should be known that me and Josh get along very well, and there isn't a heck of a lot that's taboo, or off limits for discussion, in our family. I have been known to discuss the use of condoms with my male neighbor (Granted this neighbor was more like a family member, but even so...). That having been said, last night it was fairly late and the bro and I were joking back and forth like we usually do and somehow we got onto the subject of his love life. Now let me interrupt the story here just to say that there are some things that you do not want to know in great detail about your brother! Maybe he'd had a couple beers...But anyway, he somehow started to let slip what kind of undies he likes his girlfriends to wear...yeah! "Josh! Shut up! I don't wanna know!" Gee whiz...And that's not the first time something like that has happened to me either!

The moral to this story children is never, ever, ever answer the telephone! Some guy who's got the wrong number could be on the other end! Or your brother.

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