Friday, April 28, 2006

Serendipity.... what I am rejoicing in right now beloved readers, and also the fact that I don't procrastinate about absolutely everything. Most things, indeed, but not everything. When I went to try to CODO into Freshman the advisor there told me what classes he thought I should take and I was going to take his word for it. He also told me that it might be a good idea for me to go talk to the advisor in Aero. But he said that he didn't think it would matter if I went to see him now, or next semester. I chose to hike right on over there, and I'm sure glad I did! When I went to my appointment with him yesterday he gave me the low-down about CODO'ing right into Aero. It turns out that he would be a bit more flexible then Freshman (a vision of iron rods and places-where-the-sun-don't-shine swims before my minds eye...) (not pleasant by the way!). For instance, he said that instead of me dropping the aeromechanics to take computer programming that he would accept my VisualBasic programming course from IUS. He gave me advice about what to take when, and when to get back with him for another review to see about when I could be signed into Aero. Apparently all I need to worry about now is learning MATLAB over the summer (it's used significantly in the Aero courses, and he said that he thought that's what's primarily taught in ENGR 126, which I can't get into) and keeping my GPA up. Of course in the fall I'll also have to worry about passing multivariant calc and perhaps linear algebra as well, but that's a bridge that I won't count before it's either in a haystack or has rolled off a log. Or something...
But on to the bit about serendipity! Dr. Williams told me about a seminar that was going to happen at 3 o' clock...this was at 2:45. He said that it was somebody from JPL so I went down to see what was up. Turns out it was Bob Mitchell! Director of the Cassini mission to Saturn!!! It was fantastic! He spoke for about an hour, and he had some of the pictures there that he commented on, and slides of some of the technical problems that they encountered. Did you know that when Cassini made it's trip up through Saturn's rings, they turned it around so that the high-gain antenna could act as a debris shield? I love multifunctional stuff! But anyway, I said hello to him afterwards, and told him what an honor it was to hear his seminar. Seriously, I have been following Cassini for ages, I never dreamed I'd get to shake the director's hand! I got his autograph too.

So there you are children, I think the moral is clear. Don't procrastinate all the time, and sometimes beautiful coincidences can happen.

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