Saturday, April 29, 2006

Possibly the most fantastic... in the history of the Fools! Well maybe not the entire history, seeing as I've only seen one semester's worth of shows, but I still hold that last night's End-of-the-Semester-Ship-of-Fools-Grand-Finale was a positively awesome show, from the Foolish awards ceremony (during which Andy was magically conjured by a shout of "Andy! Andy! Andy!") to the no less then legendary feat of "Five Things" in 2 minutes 15 seconds with Benji un-failingly guessing and T-Rex and Freshman giving the flawless clues! The five Things included but were certainly not limited to: Resequencing DNA in a sandbox, shaving a cat using WD-40 instead of shaving cream and a Motorola Razr, and giving birth to audience suggestions. And at no time was anything other then mime and gibberish used!
Yet another feat that struck awe into the hearts of the audience and participants alike was the extraordinary "Sideline Sermon". The subject was "pungently reverberating Pepto-Bismol" and the game went like this: Paul got up and almost immediately got pungently, switch was called and Wes got reverberating within mere seconds, switch was called again and Paul ended things by saying Pepto-Bismol practically right out of the gate. I think everyone would agree that it was probably the fastest sermon on record.
Last night also held a first for me. My first "Chain Murder Mystery". Turns out everybody wanted in on the action! If I remember correctly we had a total of ten people waiting in the wings (or hallway) to get killed. But we spiced things up even more for the audience! Alex and I went in as twins joined at the hip (One day when you get a few spare moments, link arms with someone and try to convey the location "roller rink" using only mime and gibberish, it's fun), and T-Rex (the last person) was shot by Stu as soon as he walked in the door, but naturally went ahead and guessed what the location, occupation, and murder weapon were. The first two things amazingly made it almost all the way down the line intact, the weapon however didn't make it anywhere (it turned out to be a gerbil exercise ball). And I've got it all on tape! What I've described here is really just the tip of the iceberg. My summer project now seems to be to find a way to convert my VHS-C to some kind of digital media that could be mass produced. Everybody and his brother wants a copy of the by now mythical "Five Things" game.

There really isn't a moral to this story children, but I'll throw this in, don't tell Benji that he's lost The Game, because he will now punch you if you do.

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