Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ok, splendidly fascinating update time...

...Hey, that could be the title of my autobiography! As most of you know by now, or at least anybody who has been reading this blog, the semester is winding down faster then ever. For me there's just about 6 days left! Being, I think, a forward thinking sort of person I am trying to get into the Aero school. That may seem insane, but I would like to have my degree before I'm, oh say..., about 59. I know, I'm a big dreamer. Today at 2 o' clock I have an appointment with an advisor in Aero, hopefully he will be able to give me some answers and help me work up some kind of a game plan. I am hoping against hope that he can somehow get me signed into ENGR 126 for the fall. Supposedly you can't get into that course unless you are in an engineering school, and yet I can't get into an engineering school until I've had ENGR 126. Little do poor unsuspecting students know that being admitted into Purdue opens a veritable Pandora's Box stuffed full of red tape. But now I'm just mixing metaphors. On the bright side, I am at least now reassured that Aero is definitely what I want to do. There's just no getting around it. When I was in Grissom Hall yesterday to make my appointment I saw in one hallway where they had the students rockets hanging from the ceiling along with their pictures, and there's cases of model aircraft by the stairwell and that's just very exciting to me. That's the way it's been with so many things in my life though. I'm completely convinced of something, and then there's a period where an element of doubt creeps in, and then an event or a memory will reassure me to the same level or a higher one then I was at at the beginning. It seems insane, but true. A week or so after I first got my horse he tested me like...well I can't think of a good example...but anyway, he tested me! Which is totally natural for a horse to do, but it was very hard on me. There were times when I asked myself why the heck I wanted a horse in the first place, but then I'd remember the feeling I'd get in the pit of my stomach whenever I saw a saddle, or felt the soft, fuzzy skin at the very tip of a horse's muzzle, or smelled that wonderful "horse" smell, and that thought alone would convince me that there was more to this then just a passing whim. I suppose I could say the same for Aero. I believe that it is something that I want to do with my life, and furthermore I think that it is something that I can do. Maybe I won't be able to do it with the same ease as say, a philosophy class, but I still think I can do it.
Ok, enough musing, it is getting near appointment time so I'm going to go brush my teeth again. I will probably post yet another update later to either muse, celebrate, or rant about how it went.
Until then, think on this adage:
In some cultures, what I do would be considered normal.

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