Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Can't tell time...

...with my eyes open apparently. Last night I set my alarm clock like always, factoring in the amount of time needed to take a shower and all that good stuff. I left the house for school "a little" early, but didn't figure it would be a problem because I have a good book with me and my new little Mp3 player. There's a test today and a little light reading always calms me down. Weeeellllll, round about the time I figured other people should be showing up already, my sister (who's in another class) walks in. Did I mention that last night my watch stopped? Well it did. Don't do dishes in a non-water resistant watch. I greet her and ask if she knows what time it is by the by. She says "Yeah, a little after 8:00." Class starts at 9:00. Yup, somehow even with looking at my alarm clock and the microwave clock I totally missed that I was leaving an hour early. I have three excuses for this. My watch was stopped (it's started again now), and although it's a bit unnerving to think that I'm that dependent on it, I do fall back on the time I keep on it, because it matches the time kept in the classroom. Second excuse: I have to be at work at 8:00, so possibly in my sleep fogged mind I missed the fact that I was not in reality going to work today! Thirdly, sometimes I can be really stupid. Rather upsetting that this should be one of those days...seeing as in half an hour I'm going to be taking a mid-term, but such is life.
Suppose I should be grateful. I could have been an hour late!
The moral of the story children: Don't depend on me for your wake-up call.


chieflunatic@verizon.net said...

'Time Flees '
'Tempus Fugit '
'It's all relative ' proven by Crazy Al Einstein .
Might be possible one liners .
The TRUTH ,however , is that you've inherited a condition where that single remaining neuron , frazzled and misfiring , that connects to the temporal lobe , when aged to your advanced years , begins to work it's mischief .
Lord Hep you ,
Hep us all .


Renee L. said...

How right you are Papster, I have often felt the hideously insiduous effects of oncoming age. Absent mindedness being the foremost of these. And possibly making more then my fair share of spelling mistakes.
I am considering following in the footsteps of the great Sherlock Holmes and trying to forget any piece of non-useful information that I inadvertently learn. I'd think about that option...but...wait, what was I talking about again?