Monday, July 24, 2006

A Plan is Born...

My sister tells me that it is high time for an update, and I must concur. I'm sure all ya'll out there are waiting with baited breath. Oh come on, you know you are!
On Thursday me and Christine went out to check on Tiger and found basically what my farrier had described. The wound was still yellow and weepy, not scabbed over, flies on it, and he's been standing in the mud, which couldn't help. Other then that he's doing good, his weight is about the same as when I left him and his coat looked good.
Upon leaving there we went by our mom's boyfriend's house to see if our mom and brother's were there. You know, just drop in for a quick visit while in the area. After describing the situation to my mom she told me that she and Gary had been talking and were going to ask me if I'd like to bring Tiger to live up there. Gary owns several acres, some of which are fenced in, and a big old barn.
So as it stands right now, that is the plan. I went yesterday and bought feed and supplies (salt blocks, fly spray, antibacterial goop, etc), brought what I had left at my house (feed bin, feed tub, scoop, lead rope, pitch fork, etc), cleaned out one of the stalls, laid down new shavings, put up the feed tup, and all that good stuff.
I talked to Scott (who owns a trailer) and hopefully sometime soon he'll be able to go down and pick up Tiger for me. Now that leaves me with paying for feed and vet bills again, but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
This could end up working very well. My mom has volunteered to feed and doctor Tiger for me, and even though there aren't any other horses there, Tiger does pretty good by himself. My little brother's will no doubt go out and visit with him (Tiger loves kids) so that'll make him happy.
So there ya have it people. That's what's happening. I'll write again when I have any other news. Thanks for the kind thoughts and notes!

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