Thursday, July 20, 2006

Concerned N' Anxious in Southern Indiana...

So yesterday my farrier (Scott) stopped by the house. That would normally be a joyous and celebrated occasion, but he brought a bit of...uncomfortable (bad is to strong a word) news. He saw Tiger (my horse as you regular readers know) a couple weeks ago and the cut that I was told wasn't real real bad was yet still gaping and weepy. He said that he thought it should have been being wrapped all this time. From the sounds of it the cut will probably never close completely just because of the build of his feet and the unfortunate placement of the cut (gash? slash? I'm not real sure.). Tiger is not lamed from it, and seems to be walking normally, but by now the cut should at least be scabbed over. This has me quite worried. I am definitely going up to take a look at it after work tomorrow. Scott didn't and couldn't say that this in particular was reason enough to move him, stuff just happens sometimes. But he said he did have a niggling feeling in the back of his mind about the intelligence of leaving him there. Oddly enough, I've been kind of having the same feelings. If Tiger was in any immediate danger Scott would have simply loaded him up and taken him off the farm right then and there, which obviously he didn't do, be he still wants me to go take a look at the situation for myself.
As of yet I don't have a firm game plan for the instance where I want to move him immediately. I have a couple vague possibilities rattling around in my mind, but nothing I can absolutely count on.
Also, if it is very bad then I'll probably get my vet out to take a look at it for me, and that costs money! They had a vet look at him, right after it happened, but it was a vet that doesn't exactly have a dazzling reputation.
In short: I don't know, I just don't know...I can hardly stand thinking about it, because thinking about it isn't doing any good, but I can't stop thinking about it either! I left the TV on last night until I was almost asleep because every time I turned it off, thinking about Tiger woke me up again. It bothers me....a lot.


Ryan said...

"niggling"? I hope Tiger gets better!

also, I think it is funny you replied to spam (earlier post)

Renee L. said...

thanks for the good wishes! I've got a bit of a plan going, and it just might work out. Fill ya in later.

oh and the "spammer" is actually my grandfather. ;) lol Although, in all honesty, I am the type who would reply to spam!

Ryan said...

Your grandfather!? I feel terrible! Sorry!

Renee L. said...

lol Don't lose sleep over it!
....You could lose the game though... :D