Tuesday, July 11, 2006


...is ours!!! As some of you may know July the 8th was my grandmother's birthday. Yes indeedy. And some of you may also know that my sister and I performed an improv skit in honor of the occasion. Most of you no doubt know that the last skit we did was an abysmal failure. Not so this time around!
The skit was grounded on the idea that Nan (grandma) needed a screen name and/or email address, so we made up several humorous options based upon her certain interests and/or assets. That alone does not seem very funny. But they were. I assure you they were. At least coupled with the dialogue and explanation that went along with it, it was interesting.

My favorite lines:
"Like the year on a fine bottle of wine."
"Yeah, or cheese."
"Yes, like the year on a fine bottle of cheese!"

All this done in a thick Cockney accent. Yeah, there's background to that. But anyway, all in all it turned out rather good in my opinion. Nan promised that she really would choose one of the screen names that we made up for her.
We're going to hold you to that Nan.

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