Saturday, June 16, 2007

Caffeine is a catalyst...

I spent yesterday evening hanging out with Jenny in the Village Coffee House, sipping a latte and working on the previously stated goal of writing a book. I thought that it went quite well. Seeing our location we felt it necessary (it was Jenny's idea and I am extremely impressionable and emulative) to utilize the same AIM away message that Benji usually employs. Namely: "At the Village Coffee House."
This conversation with Paul ensued (I've left every single typo of mine in for effect. And because if I made a point of editing them out and still missed some, well, that would just make me look stupid.)

captderiv (10:41:10 PM):
joyful zephyr (10:41:07 PM):
At the Village Coffee House.
captderiv (10:41:21 PM):
I'd recognize that trademark away message anywhere
captderiv (10:41:34 PM):
So how'd you h4><04rz Renee's account?
joyful zephyr (10:42:02 PM):
ok, you've figured it out. Benji and Renee are in fact the same person. That is why we have never been seen in a room together.
captderiv (10:42:32 PM):
captderiv (10:42:37 PM):
It all makes sense now
captderiv (10:43:02 PM):
In hindsight, I should've recognized the signs when we were roommates
captderiv (10:43:14 PM):
All the nudity and yogurt was a clever cover
joyful zephyr (10:43:38 PM):
Yup, women and Benji like yogurt
joyful zephyr (10:43:41 PM):
and nudity
joyful zephyr (10:45:35 PM):
It's either that explanation or this one: Benji is my hero and I absolutely worship the ground that he walks on. I emulate his every move and am a this very moment worshiping the chair that he sits at in the Temple of Village.
joyful zephyr (10:45:54 PM):
You can take your pick really.
joyful zephyr (10:46:02 PM):
captderiv (10:47:44 PM):
You'd *like* to pick one or the other, wouldn't you?
captderiv (10:48:01 PM):
When in fact, the answer is... *both*!
captderiv (10:49:31 PM):
What better way to bootstrap your new Benjiist cult?
joyful zephyr (10:50:17 PM):
damn, all my attemps at redirecting your attention are repeatedly foiled!
captderiv (10:51:12 PM):
You can't get anything past me!
captderiv (10:51:19 PM):
Um, except for the Benji/Renee duality.
captderiv (10:51:33 PM):
But I'm sure that's the only exception, ever.
joyful zephyr (10:51:59 PM):
Word on the streets has it that there is a first time for everything.
captderiv (10:52:50 PM):
First time I've heard the streets say that.
joyful zephyr (10:54:16 PM):
oh yeah? They're quite talkative once you get to know them
captderiv (10:55:55 PM):
The streets talking isn't the problem
captderiv (10:56:01 PM):
You can't shut them up half the time
captderiv (10:56:14 PM):
It's just that most of the time they talk about the most inane stuff you could imagine
captderiv (10:56:37 PM):
I've just gotten used to tuning them out, I guess


captderiv (11:13:57 PM):
Apparently I can spell correctly but can't do simple arithmetic anymore
joyful zephyr (11:14:14 PM):
well we all have out moment in the sun
joyful zephyr (11:14:26 PM):
If you're a dog you get one day
captderiv (11:14:43 PM):
But at least that's seven days in, um, dog days
captderiv (11:15:12 PM):
Or is the phrase already adjusted for that?
captderiv (11:15:31 PM):
Maybe every dog only really gets 3.43 hours
captderiv (11:15:43 PM):
But, being a dog, doesn't know any better
joyful zephyr (11:16:11 PM):
And you claim that you've used up your simple arithmetic skills!
captderiv (11:16:34 PM):
I busted out my use-my-computer's-calculator skills
joyful zephyr (11:17:19 PM):
always handy. Especially if you have to survive in the wilderness.
captderiv (11:17:41 PM):
Well, I can program my own calculator, you know
joyful zephyr (11:17:51 PM):
I do know. I saw that blog post!
captderiv (11:17:58 PM):
Building a computer out of twigs and leaves, that's the part I haven't figured out yet
joyful zephyr (11:18:29 PM):
Perhaps with more time to run trials.
captderiv (11:18:57 PM):
I tried submitting another NSF grant application, but they stopped returning my calls
joyful zephyr (11:19:35 PM):
a discourging setback indeed
joyful zephyr (11:20:18 PM):
but let not your heart be downcast! Forge ahead, tread heavily where angels wear hobnailed boots, attempthe impossible!
captderiv (11:20:50 PM):
Who are you calling an attempthe?

Much later still...

joyful zephyr (12:00:38 AM):
I believe that I may post that entire converation that transpired between us on my blog. It highly amused me. I laughed aloud at a few points. Do you mind transcripts of your conversations being randomly posted on small, backwater sites? Check yes or no:

The next day...

captderiv (11:09:51 AM):
( ) Yes (X) No ( ) Buchanan

It made me laugh.
The other day I had a moment of discouragement wondering how the heck I would ever write a book. Was the story premise good enough to expand to novel size and would my making a point of writing cause me to write really badly? Then I realized something. Whether or not this turns out good, I can still say that I wrote a book in the end!
Last night I took the story in a direction that I'd never thought about before. I think it turned out really good and supplied a whole new vein of potential. I really believe that I can do this.
Guess I should go tell Benji that we're the same person now.

~ captderiv (11:32:27 PM):
I never knew high voltage and old lace were interchangeable


luckeyfrog said...

I'm glad you posted this. :)

Thanks for going writing with me! Can't wait to do it again.

Jamie said...

If your Benjist cult needs a creepy iconic symbol, I've got one for you.

business voodoo said...

lol . . . i'm still trying to figure the blog out, but this made me laugh. seems like we hvae running stories of color coded work? if so, a beginning link would be very helpful! i don't remember why exactly i made you one of my links on my jesus idol blog, but for some reason, there you were.

i like it when i give good surprises to myself!

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'