Sunday, June 10, 2007

It seemed so natural...

Benji asked me if there was anything that I really would just love to do with my life. My answer: "There's lots of things that I'd like to try." Like and try being the key words there. Devote and commit are both terms that I don't seem to be a huge fan of.
I realized that there are some things that I would actually really love to devote myself to. I would love to be a writer. Not like I am now, but a published writer. One making money. To that end, my goal for the moment is to continue working on Aiden's story and try to get that published. Of all my stories I think that that is the one that probably has the most potential as far as my ability to write goes, and has a relatively concise and complete plot line that doesn't exactly require time consuming research. Is it good enough to be published? I don't know. We'll see won't we.
Another thing that I'd love to keep doing is improv. Easy enough while I'm still in school but what about afterwards? Again, will I ever be good enough to really be considered for any kind of professional group?
Thing number three: I believe that I would love to have a coffee shop. Would I like to have to take care of the actual business aspects of it? Maybe not so much.

For now what I'm going to do is dedicate one evening a week to writing. Probably Thursday or Friday. I haven't really decided yet. That added to what I normally write in a week is not a bad amount. Not enough to make a living on obviously, but then I'm not trying to make a living, I'm trying to have a book published.
That being the case I will probably from here on out not be posting everything I write about Aiden. I'm sure I'll not stop entirely, but the things I do post may not necessarily follow one another.
Wish me luck.


luckeyfrog said...

I think it's good that you want to try a lot of different things. It's much better to forever be trying new things than to always be stuck to the same few. Granted, it's good to commit to something (especially as a job) that you can stay with and improve in, but I think as you try more things you'll find the best thing to commit to (for you).

Idea-- maybe as motivation for writing, you and I can get together and go somewhere to try to write on Friday nights? Ryan and Peace are planning to hang out on Fridays from now on, and so I should be free most Fridays... and I'd like to try to motivate myself to write more, too, if I can.

I don't know if you're thinking sitting at your computer and writing, in which case this might not work out ideally... but we could always go somewhere- a coffeehouse, Panera, a library, a park, various places to get inspiration, whatever- and it might help keep you going to have someone else there too. At least it helps ME to have someone keep me on track.

I probably should've just waited and IM'ed you about this, rather than posting almost longer than your entry, but it's 4:15 a.m. Anyway-- if you're the sort of person who needs to be alone to write something or anything like that, no big deal. But I thought it was worth suggesting. :)

(Also, I got your email, and thanks. I have no idea, yet, what my plans will be... but I very much appreciate it!)

Anonymous said...

Mean Old Mom here:
one and two seem like great goals and you have my complete support and approval, not that you require or even value them, but three seems a little odd for a nonconsumer of coffee to want a coffe shop.
(Yes all you P U engineers out there, I have done my parental duty to explain that all true engineers must be able to guzzle 2 day old cold coffee without grimacing) She will not comply.
love you bunny!! M.O.M.