Friday, June 08, 2007

Captain's log - Stardate: 682523573.954751...

As you will know, having read this site faithfully Faithful Reader, I have been using my entrance into class as acting practice. Some days the effort was rendered null by circumstances such as: Arriving to the room before anyone else. The days when I did take on a personality/character I immediately wrote down what I thought my level of success was and perhaps a couple of observations on the technique/audience. The following is an exact transcript of that log.

Thur 5/17 - Business-like - Successful, easy.
Fri 5/18 - Shy - Successful, not incredibly easy, hard not to make eye contact.
Mon 5/21 - Excited Little Kid - Hard to tell, not easy. Sitting down easiest part.
Tue 5/22 - Stealthy - Not very successful, hard to be stealthy in flip flops w/ noisy rolling chairs. However, great contrast from yesterday so still good.
Wed 5/23 - Bored - Moderately successful, drug feet, somnolent look on face, shoulders hunched, sat heavily. Hardly anybody looking!
Thur 5/24 - Confused - Successful, easy to do, paused often and just inside door looking around, took some time to "choose" my seat. The only issue, freaking people aren't looking much!
Fri 5/25 - Aiden - Successful, very easy, not extremely overt, but neither is he.
Thur 5/31 - Belligerent - Moderately successful, not easy. Banged things, stomped, wasn't sure what facial expressions to do. Got attention due to noisiness.
Fri 6/01 - Jared - Easy, mostly successful. Had to talk to someone and that encroached on the masculine believability.
Tue 6/05 - Librarian - Successful, easy. Carrying books, stereotypical walk.
Wed 6/06 - Edwin - Partially successful, easy, somewhat subdued for him.

There you have it peeps. I've not decided yet whether to continue this challenge into next module. We'll see I guess. I will say that it is a lot harder then you might think, but I believe that it is fantastic practice for improvisationalists or anyone involved with stage. The fact that you are not given the opportunity to talk and that you have such a short space of time to convey an impression in makes it crucial that you use every single action to the greatest extent in the endeavor. It is quite the experience.

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