Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Second stage of grief...

~ Aiden didn't return to his room until much later that night. He was satisfyingly exhausted, wet from the rain that just kept coming, and, for one of the first times in his life, just a little bit drunk.
Unfortunately, he was abruptly sobered when he switched on the lights to find his cat and the dragon sitting on the table, apparently having just been interrupted from a deep conversation.
Aiden stood in the door for a bit, silently dripping, taking in the peaceful, if not common, scene.
"I thought you were leaving." There was no question to it, just resignation. Aiden closed the door, shed his coat and sat on the bed. He leaned forward, maybe swaying just a tiny bit. For some reason he suddenly got the impression that the dragon was sympathetic. It made Aiden a little angry. The dragon shook his tiny head.
"No, no I wasn't actually. Even if I'd wanted to though, how could I? You locked the door."
"There's a lovely balcony just outside that's perfect for jumping off of." Aiden muttered fiercely.
~ I made this.

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