Thursday, May 04, 2006

I just finished...

...a flower arrangement for my best friend who is graduating from nursing school. Turned out great...I'm so dang amazingly multi-talented I even scare myself! But seriously, it did come out pretty good, despite my best efforts. I think she'll like it, and until tomorrow, I'm enjoying it. I certainly am proud of her! I knew she could do it.
Ok, I started this post at a decent hour in the evening and then saved it to draft because I couldn't think of anything else to say. Well I have something to say now! It's 4:31 in the morning and I can't go to sleep! I'm tired, just can't sleep. So I'll tell you about the last dance social of the semester that happened Wed night. I got there round abouts 9:30 or so, and learned marengae or however the heck you spell it from the VP of the dance club, that was a lot of fun! Easy too, basically I just had to keep a count of 8 and follow him. How lovely is that? And then Kaushik showed up and we did some cha cha, swing of course, bit of tango and waltz. I think we even dabbled with rhumba a bit. But that's the fun thing about those socials, you get to do a bunch of different stuff.
Here's something that's kinda cool. Those of you who know me will probably know that I am something of a novice author, or put differently (and I think more accurately) I make up stories (and people and lives) and occasionally write some of it down. The interesting thing about it is that I've noticed that during the semester I basically write next to nothing, because in general I have nothing to write down (maybe the occasional flash of inspiration or very brief scene but not much else). As soon as I go on break however, I come up with a bunch of stuff (whether it's actually good stuff is entirely up to the poor fool who gets ahold of it and tries to read it.). My theory is that while on break my mind is freed up to actually think about my characters, whereas when I'm in school, even during leisure time I have some aspect of school consuming my mental faculties (scarce as they may be). This hypothesis seems to hold up to experimentation. When overly caught up in other things I don't write either. But anyway, back to the kinda cool thing I was going to say. Even though my semester was not technically over until after my last final (Tues) I had already begun to slip into the "break" mode and started writing a couple things late last week, and I've been digging the trench deeper ever since. It's a lovely feeling to write something that I think might really be good again, and kinda funny to. For me going back to my stories is like visiting old friends that you haven't seen for quite some time. But then that's natural, I suppose I know my characters a heck of a lot better then I know most of my friends...After all, I made them up.
But, dear friends, family, compatriots, and total strangers that might happen to read this, it is now 4:58 and I have to get some sleep!
Until next time!
"Oh come on! You’ve proven people wrong before. Heck, you live for proving people wrong! Just look at the joy it gives you!" ~Sam Evens (lovingly and abidingly created by Renee)

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