Monday, May 22, 2006

Blue skies ahead...

And indeed, it hasn't rained for three whole days!!!
To dive immediately into the interesting tangents of my life, a couple days ago my farrier (blacksmith/horse shoer/vet for a horse's feet for you non-horse people out there) happened by and invited me to accompany him up to Austin to trim a couple horses. Of course I jumped at the chance, horses were involved. And my farrier. He's a great guy (his name is Scott for those of you playing along at home), ya just gotta love him. The farm we went to had a black, off-the-track Thoroughbred named Decker and a little palomino Appaloosa yearling named Glacier. Cute little feller. Decker was pretty sweet with me, although Scott divulged that he isn't always an angel to trim.
We stopped and looked at a house that some feller just finished building. It was on a two acre plot. He was selling it for 450 grand. A bit out of my price range. But to be perfectly honest, if I did have that much money I would not buy that house. I mean, the construction was good, and the location was decent, but in my opinion it wasn't worth that least not to me at any rate. Now the garage was another story. It was 24' x 38' if I remember correctly, and had a loft that was at least half that size. To make a long story short, and Scott agreed with me here, if it was mine, I'd leave out the concrete floor downstairs and toss in a kitchenette upstairs. There was plenty of room in the bottom for at least three or four stalls and a nice sized tack room and the loft was plenty big enough for me to live in happily.
Oh and check out what I've asked for for Christmas! Fantastic isn't it? I thought you'd think so! Be sure and click on the little inset pic to get the full effect.
I got my sister and one of my younger bothers onto the "Two Person Story" bandwagon. I also practiced a couple rounds of "60 Second Alphabet" with Christine. I think I did surprisingly well considering how bad I am at the English alphabet. ;) I had to take relatively few pauses to sing it in my head, but did juxtapose a few letters a few times. Maybe I should have paused more!

And now, dear children, for the moral! Oh wait, I don't have a moral, so in it's place please enjoy this bit of fiction written by yours truly some time ago:
~ As he entered the empty elevator car he heard a shout and looked up to see a disheveled man sprinting towards it. "Wait! Hold the elevator!"
With a malicious glint in his eye he punched the "close doors" button and held it down. An ugly, but obviously happy smirk formed on his lips as he stared down the running man, enjoying the look of frantic desperation on his victim's face. He gave the poor fellow a little, three-fingered good-bye wave just as the doors, shutting with a satisfying click of finality, ended the drama. He leaned back against the wall as the car began to move upwards and chuckled to himself. It is good to be bad. ~
PS I have no idea who either of the men in this micro-scene are, so any resemblance they bare to either yourself or anyone that you know is purely coincidence. ;) They're none of my characters, that's for sure!

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