Thursday, May 25, 2006

In limbo again...

First a bit of history:
About 4 years ago my mom divorced my dad. A good decision all around. As people go, my dad is pretty much a jerk. About 3 years ago my mom started dating a feller named Gary. Some of you reading this may have actually met him. He came with my mom when she visited me at Purdue on Easter weekend. He was at the Fools weekly practice. Anyway, the other day when I was down at the river with Stephen he mentioned to me that mom had asked him what he thought about he, Shiloh (other lil bro), and herself moving in with Gary for a while. We discussed that for a little bit, mainly just covering how he felt about it. Tonight mom called a Mass Meeting, you know one of those Family Discussions. Apparently she and Gary have been seriously considering taking the plunge. You know, pulling out all the stops, letting the cat out of the bag, taking a short walk in front of an ordained member of the clergy. Seeing as how mom has a family they thought it would be good to give living together a bit of a trial, so it seems as if mom and the boys are going to be moving in with Gary for at least a month this summer. “How do you feel about that Renee?” you ask, sensitively. “I don’t know.” I answer, honestly. How do I feel about Gary? Well I’ll tell ya, I’m not his biggest fan, but that’s nothing new. I really doubt that most people just adore the people their parents hook up with. At least not for a while.
I have, according to mom, been given an invitation (standing I presume) to also come and reside at the Joint Family Manor.
I suppose that if this had come up say…oh…a couple months ago, I would be much more upset about it. After all, this is my home…But now, it’s different. Obviously I like being back to see my family and old friends again, but now that Gary (different Gary) and April have Tiger (my horse, they’re keeping him for me until I get out of school)…I don’t know, as I’ve said before, I miss Purdue…I think I feel more at home there now. And quite frankly I do wish mom could get out of this house. Whether that means buying a new one or moving in with Gary. She just hates this house (lot of un-pleasant things happened here) and it’s old and in bad enough condition that it honestly wouldn’t be worth the cost of making all the repairs that it needs. Obviously one feels strange about their childhood home being sold, but it would be best for all concerned. The other thing is that when I am home on holidays I could always stay at Kim and Drake’s (former neighbors/adopted family/my sister lives with them)…as long as Gary and mom can understand that I’m not trying to hurt anybodies feelings!
Heck! Ya know what? I have never met anybody that is better at unintentionally hurting folks feelings then me. For some reason I just have a knack! It seems to be more the things I don’t do then anything I say. People just don’t understand (even though I tell them a lot!) that I am just bone lazy! I don’t call people because that takes time and energy that I could be spending on…something else. It’s not that I don’t value them…it’s just…Well it’s just me that’s all! And people wonder about my cynical attitude towards relationships!

And that brings us to the moral children. Life is much simpler when you're not involved with anybody! Granted, you can argue that love makes it all worth while, but I'm so jaded that I probably won't believe you anyway. :D

~ Some people are like Slinkies: not really good for anything...but you can't help laughing when you push them down the stairs. ~

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