Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Life in the swamp...

...There's yet another title for my autobiography! Anyway. Speaking of the swamp (aka Home), I've been doing a bit of general maintenance. Got the lil' bro's help to get the WeedEater in working order (this is Stephen we're talking about for those of you keeping score at home)(the bro, not the WeedEater)(furthermore that's the bro that's 3 years younger then me, not the bro that's 11 years younger then me). Cleared out the front ditch and did some edging in the front yard yesterday and today I did the back pen, my little coral and trimmed a couple saplings that are growing out of the patio. What I need to do is re-anchor the mailbox (it's sitting rather precariously) and fix the front gate. Also put a rail on the front porch. I think there might be a leak under the house too...I hope not, I'm no plumber! And there's no way I'm crawling under the house. Don't see myself as much of a girly-girl, but even I have to draw the line somewhere.
In other news, I kidney punched a guy today (settle down, I did it relatively softly, more of a token punch then anything, just a threat really). There was a good reason! I went out to the freezer at work and he waved to me from the back door then let it shut. (It locks automatically) When it comes right down to it, it would be a simple matter to walk around to the front door, but I waited there, not giving him the satisfaction of knocking on the door or hollering. ;) In a minute he opened the door a crack (quite tentatively) and when he felt me jerk it open he went running to the front of the store. After delivering the box of cake making supplies to where it was supposed to go I cornered him in the drive-thru where he tried to ward me off with a plastic ice-scoop. Needless to say, that didn't do a lot of good, and I hit him...I don't think he expected that too much, cause he sure jumped, but claimed later that it didn't really hurt. I said he was stupid for having opened the door for me, but he begged to differ, citing the argument that I would have been really ticked if he'd made me walk all the way around the store. At that argument I had to digress. He was indeed very smart to let me back in when he did.
So anyway, enough of that. The other day me and the lil bro (Stephen again) drove up to the little convenience store that's near our house and decided on the way back just to take a spontaneous little trip down to the bank of the Ohio, just because it sounded like fun (you can get to the Ohio River in about 10-15 minutes from where we live). We explored a stretch of the bank and threw rocks (and for, I think, the first time in my life I made rocks skip! Yeah!) and messed with bits of drift wood and went out on a little dock and played "60 Second Alphabet". Tell ya what, Stephen isn't that big into improv, but the kid got in some really good lines! He made me laugh out loud quite few times.

And that wraps up our amazingly exciting update segment for today! Until next time children, let your minds dwell on this adage:
~ If someone asks you how you feel don't answer, they're just trying to get you to reveal your weaknesses! ~


Ryan said...

How does one "trim" a horse? Sounds painful.

Also - I did not know what a "farrier" was. Fun fact.

Renee L. said...

Ahh, maybe I should have clarified that point. My bad. By "trim" I mean trimming their hooves back. Just like trimming your toenails...sorta. It's a pretty darn important part of "horse health". Not like toenails in that respect I guess. If you absolutely have to know more about it, just for fun, drop me line, I'll gladly oblige, but for now this response is getting mighty long as it is.
And if it makes you feel any better, most folks don't know what a farrier is. I get mighty weird looks when I throw the word into conversations. It's fun, you should try it. :D
Ooh, Fun fact, we also "float" horse's teeth. Their teeth keep growing all their life so you grind then down a bit every once and a while to make the surfaces flat (as opposed to pointy, obviously) so they can chew their food better. Dunno why the heck it's called floating...OK, I'm done now!