Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Continuing on and so forth...

...You know, I won't have to do a good deed for like a week now! Or maybe even a month...because I saved a baby bird from drowning! "Oh my goodness!" you say, "What in heaven's name could have brought that about?" Well, I'll tell ya. Yesterday I took the two lil bro's down to Fourteen Mile Creek to do a bit of swimming and fishing and stuff. (Me and Shiloh found a real cool water gun down there...don't know if it works though cause right now it's full of sand.) And we caught a couple little frogs and stuff (I love frogs, they're so dang cute) and as we were leaving Shiloh calls to my attention the fact that a small bird has fallen from it's nest underneath the girders of the bridge. Naturally I dived right back in to save the poor, small, struggling creature. It was a Titmouse, fairly mature, but all it's feathers weren't fully formed yet. We ended up putting it in the tall weeds by a sapling and wishing it the best of luck. I think I heard it's parent(s) hollering just as we left so it most likely called back and they'll keep feeding it until it can fly. It actually might have been old enough to get food for itself...if something doesn't get it for food before it has the chance.
In other news, I am now the proud owner of two small crabs. A male and a female. Guess I'll be accepting suggestions for names because I'm drawing a huge blank. Kinda weird to name tiny crabs anyway! Maybe...Borris and Brunheida...It has a nice ring to it.

Until next time sweet children:
~ Of course I'm out of my mind! It's dark and scary in there! ~


Ryan said...

"Titmouse" is a great bird name.

Did you touch the bird with your bare hands? If a baby bird smells like humans it's parents will not take care of it anymore. That's word on the streets, at least. Streets that I am as real as.

Renee L. said...

Ryan you are way more real then the streets! And I agree, it is a great bird name, at least one that invokes giggles in teenage boys.

Indeed the "no touch" rule was what I was raised with as well, but I read once that that was proven to be a myth and I know that at least it's not always true. I've had to handle baby Robins before as well, and the mommy came back and fed them until they could leave under their own propulsion.
Dang I sound like a know-it-all!
At anyrate, at that point all I smelled like was creekwater and algea anyway! Takes a while to get all the smud (sand/mud) out of your ears after dipping in 14 Mile!

Renee L. said...

Oh and Ryan, guess what!?! You were the lucky 100th hit on this blog! That means that if you identify Jennifer Lopez's legs I'll give you a free X-Box. Oh no, wait, that's for a different site. I'll give ya a dollar! Yeah, a dollar!

Ryan said...

I giggled, but I am no longer a *teenage* boy.