Saturday, May 13, 2006

Let's hear it for...

...mothers. Of course! Those of you who have glanced at a calendar recently will no doubt realize that tomorrow is indeed the second Sunday in May, and therefore Mother's Day. It's a time to celebrate not only your own mother but also the maternal instinct in all of us! "Yeah right!" you say, and I'd tend to agree with you. I don't really see myself as overflowing with the blessed maternal instinct myself, but I certainly am grateful for those around me who are. Mother's Day tends to be rather more on the expensive side for me. Not because of the quality of gifts I purchase, goodness no, but quantity! I of course have a mother, and then there's two grandmothers, and a surrogate/adopted mother. I'm sure it's only a matter of time until my sister decides to get hitched and have kids (and more power to her, she's great with kids), and then I'll get something for her. I may have to revert to getting only cards one of these days. So anyway, onto the delightful M.D. plans. Tomorrow I will rise bright and early and fix a delightful breakfast for my own mom. Hopefully my younger brothers will see fit to lend a hand. Later in the day we'll do the little gift thing and I got stuff to make a desert. At some point in the day I'll go see the surrogate/adopted mother, Kim, and enjoy a delightful visit/celebration with her. Sometime this week the whole clan will wind up visiting my grandmother (mother's mom) and that visit will be coupled with the belated giving of gifts to my grandfather for his birthday which I missed what with being in West Lafayette and all (Yes, I did call him, even offered to sing to him, which he wisely turned down.) So now you know people!
The moral of the story children, (just like Valentines Day in my opinion) is that you shouldn't wait for a holiday to let the people you love, be it family, friends, or otherwise, know that you do, in fact, love them. If you mean it, saying it on a daily basis will in no way cheapen the sentiment. And now I'm going to go and try to take a nap. Happy Mother's Day!

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