Saturday, December 02, 2006

And much havoc was wreaked... a surprisingly short amount of time!

So as anybody who's reading this no doubt knows yesterday was my first time ever hosting an SoF practice.
I was right. I was quite nervous before hand. Felt like bowing out actually. Didn't. But felt like it. I personally didn't think I did very good, but I was assured from several fronts that it was fine. I'd imagine that it's rather like speech class. I always thought my presentations went horrible, and yet I got an A!
I have to say, maybe it's just cause this was my first time, but watching the practice is more fun then hosting it. Perhaps I should hold off judgment until I actually host again. Perhaps I'd like it better the second time round. I know I'd definitely do a couple of things differently. But anyway.
Spanke was able to come and who do ya think popped in during Chain Murder? Wes! Great to see both of them again!
But regardless of what else happened, it was a good practice cause I got to wear my cowboy hat!

In other news, the FASoFGE is drawing nigh! As I referenced before! I'm excited! As I referenced before!

FASoFGE Countdown: 3 days 21 hours 3 minutes

***Giving Peace a hug*** ~Kamikaze
"Awww, I'm in a happy place." ~Peace
"Kama Kazi meet Kama Sutra." ~Benji


Paul Kuliniewicz said...

I think that feeling like you're bombing is a natural part of MCing or otherwise yammering away in front of the audience. At least, that's how I'd always feel while I'd be up there.

Renee L. said...

*Thud!* <- Jaw hitting floor
Oh my gosh! Paul read my blog! I'm

Yeah, I was in a constant state of feeling that I was either going to fast (runaway train sort of thing) or to slow and I was losing the audience.
I’m glad you told me that even you felt nervous though, cause you were a great MC!
Knowing that others get shaky about it as well means I ultimately don’t feel so bad. :)