Friday, December 15, 2006

Mama said there'd be days like this...

~ Aiden woke up with a splitting headache.
And then things got worse.
This would be the morning his cat threw up on the carpet.
This would be the morning his paper was flung deep into the wild blackberry thicket his neighbor so humorously called "a hedge".
This would be the morning he locked himself out of the front door and almost had a coronary before discovering that he'd left the back door open.
This would be the morning he was out of coffee.
Aiden wanted the universe to grind to an agonizing halt.
It didn't.
He gulped down a glass of cran-cherry juice with his (naturally!) burnt toast all the while cramming folders into his briefcase. With all the time he'd spent excavating his newspaper and scouring the kitchen for a few java beans he was already behind schedule.
Where are the keys!? Where are the blasted- Oh, there they are.
Aiden finally made it to his car, only slightly the worse for wear, and buckled up. He turned the key. He was rewarded with a sickeningly dead grinding noise. Aiden looked at the dash.
Headlamps: On
Aiden cursed the universe creatively in several languages...
~From Renee's world. (Her mama never said there'd be days like this...)


luckeyfrog said...

Oh man. I hate days like this!

Drewcifer said...

Aw dang it! I hate it when those days happen!

mean old mama said...

children ,children you know so much and yet so little...any day is a good day if you wake up on top of the grass instead of under it.

Renee L. said...

Technically if I woke up under the grass it would count as a rotten day in my book...I mean getting buried alive would kinda kick off your day badly...