Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's easier the 157th time...

~ "The bed creaked annoyingly as Jared shifted positions once again, punching his pillow with perhaps a bit more zealotry then was necessary. He had to sleep! Why couldn't he sleep? He had half a mind to abandon the effort altogether. Just get up and do something. But taking that road would mean no chance of sleep at all. If he stayed in bed then perhaps he'd drift off. Sooner or later. Maybe.
Again he tried turning over, an almost feverish motion. He lay on his stomach for what seemed a very long time. He jiggled his foot. He forced himself to stop jiggling his foot.
Jared was accustomed to reviewing his day in his mind as he lay waiting for sleep but this was ridiculous! It just wouldn't quit.
He tried closing his eyes again, experimentally. No, still no over
coming fatigue, no mindless drifting.
Blast it all! Another oh-so-restful night without sleep."
~ It's me again, in more ways then one...


Drewcifer said...

I love the Jared stuff, keep up the good work!

M.ean O.ld M.ammy said...

zealotry! very inpressive Bab, I am going to try to work that one in on the Monday interview with the two esquires!
love it,
keep breathing for Jared, he is one interesting cowpoke.