Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nothing like a new pastime... make you feel alive!

So I've taken up card manipulation, also called trick shuffling, for a new hobby. It's delightful.
I know several tricks by now and mainly I think I need to work on my flexibility and consistency. There are instances when I'll do the scissor cut flawlessly several times in a row and other times that I drop half the deck each try I give it.
I did get a deck of bridge cards which are slightly narrower then your normal poker cards to help me "work up" to some of the moves. Let me tell ya, your hands can be sore after practicing this stuff for a while.
I would like to learn a cool ace production move before I see Josh (cause you know that I'm going to casually show off my moves when we sit down for a game of poker or blackjack) but I doubt that I have time for that.
Speaking of blackjack, funny thing, I brought my cards with me to practice with before both of my exams today.
First exam: I met Stuey outside and we ended up playing blackjack on the back of a book I had with me (Hilariously entitled "To Play The Fool"), and ultimately drawing several innocent strangers into the action.
Second exam: Sitting there practicing the fan and scissor cut and the feller next to me ends up talking to me and saying "We've got five minutes til we start, count me in." So I deal him a hand (is it called a hand in blackjack?) I think the house won the majority of those rounds. To bad we weren't actually betting.
Overall I found it quite amusing.

So I've given up the series idea. You all know that I moved Saturday and most of you know what went down Friday. Those of you who don't can hear it from me personally on break. That way you can watch my lips move too!

For Peace: "It's quite quiet out today. Quit shushing me Quinn and take the quill!"

~ "Do you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning? Then you need to buy our product!" ~
~ Cowboy


Drewcifer said...

Okay, if this had been improv, I would have totally called "Scene" after the title To Play the Fool, because that was the most awesome thing ever. What was this series talk? I can't remember.

Benji said...

It is indeed called a hand in blackjack.

Stu's book sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

Is that the Laurie R. King book, if not read it, not as earth-shakingly good as her Russel tales, but her breath, of style is astonishing!

Renee L. said...

To Peace: The series talk was referencing something that I've done in the past when a lot of stuff was going on that I wanted to talk about but didn't want to make the Worlds Longest Blog Post out of it. So the idea is to write about some of it for several consecutive days in multiple shorter posts. Thus, a series.

To Benjiminowski: Thank you.

To Anonymous Stranger Who I Think Is My Sister: Yes it is. The LRK book that is.

Cowboy said...

Do you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning?

seriously just the best joke in the world! Many thanks for quoting me :)