Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm a mover and a shaker...

...well a mover at least...and if I had a money tree I'd probably try giving it a rattle or two...but anyway! I'm a mover. Today I am moving to my new, fresh, single, solitary, haven of rest from the universe, sanctuary of peace and solace, and totally my own room. Peace has kindly offered to come give me a helping hand with boxes and fridge and such. Right thoughty of him really, right thoughty. I've got all the junk that I'm going to pack packed and am prepared to move two flights down and a wing to the east. This change's official name is The Migration. Or the TM if you prefer.
This in mind I may not be updating for a bit. As I understand it my ResNet connection (aaahhhh, cable, I love it!) may not be up for a couple of days in the new digs. Those that I email will still get responded to for there is always a computer lab. Those I AIM with may not have as much luck (it may be a blessing, for you I mean, it all depends on how you look at it.) That and the fact that it is the weekend before finals week.
On that note I shall just say that last night we had an excellent End-of-All-Time-Until-Next-Semester show! It was a blast and it ended with 5 wet men on stage. More on that later.
That and yesterday was Benji's birthday. Benji, you'll always be a birthday princess to me!
I also need to say: Cowboy, Cowboy, Cowboy, Cowboy, Cowboy, Cowboy, Cowboy otherwise I think the mafia was going to come and break my knee caps or whack me or something. And I want to keep getting Cowboy's blogger love.
And that folks will be my very last post from this room!
Oh and if you are a person that has my old and wants my new phone number then either email me, AIM me when I'm back, or (if you're reeeeaaaaly important ;) I'll try to call you with it before you get the chance.

"Hey, get Tripod's attention for me will you?" ~Cowboy
"Tripod!" ~Peace
"Tripod!" ~Kamikaze
"Tripod!" ~Brian
"TRIPOD!!" ~Kamikaze
"Star Wars." ~SOG
"What?" ~Tripod


luckeyfrog said...

Heh. I enjoyed this entry's quote very much.

Hope your move goes really well today! :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!! Hope your new abode offers all the comforts of home with out all the hassles of home, think of plumbing 'Doarlin'. The latest Jare in the pool portion was I believe (and I do value my opition as I generally but not allways tend to agree with it) is the finest, most original, polished, and interesting of s and j to date.

PS Josh will be here on the 20ish, we'll do the boys b-days together and then ours yippeeeeeeee!

Please send us (your family of origin/longest acquintances your new phone #)

Cowboy said...

Weak noob weak you can't just say "Cowboy Cowboy Cowboy Cowboy" and expect blogger love, it just isn't happening...ever!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your 'very demure' grandmother is desirous of info regarding the '5 WET MEN'.
She was a dancer ya know.
On TV ya know.
Phone numbers, etc.

Drewcifer said...

Re: The Tripod Snafu
Message: But that actually happened to me once.