Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thus Spoke Zarathustra*...

~ "When Jared stepped out of the darkness of the alleyway and up to the Council door he was a different person.
Sam thought that he'd seen all of Jared's many and highly varied moods (or were they personalities?) but this focused and completely closed face was a new one. Unbidden, the mental image of a much younger Jared, the same look in his eye, striding across the flight deck of an aircraft carrier came to mind.
Why did that look seem so familiar? Oh yes. Sam had seen it on the face of an old friend. They had been in the marines together. Gone to and come back from war together. When their time in service was up Adrian had gone on immediately to join a SWAT team while Sam had drifted aimlessly. Unwittingly giving himself over to his identification with, and subsequent loss of, the marine core.
Sam had watched Adrian preparing for a bust with his team once. Adrian, the entire team actually, had that same all-consuming, almost fanatical focus in their eyes.
There was no room for distraction here. No mercy for mistakes.
Jared silently withdrew his picks from the lock. The latch clicked and the door opened smoothly under his hand.
On to stage two."
~I made this!

FASoFGE Countdown: 23 hours 59 minutes

*Zarathustra was a character (also a Persian prophet) used by Friedrich Nietzsche in some of his philosophical writings, one of which bears the name "Thus Spoke Zarathustra".
You may be wondering why I chose that for the title of this blog post. No reason really, other then it being on my mind at the time.
You could, in fact, give this mini-scene some existential overtones if you wanted. I wouldn't. But you might.

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Ryan said...

That's also one of the key tracks for the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey.