Tuesday, April 03, 2007

One on one...

~ General Reed glanced Sam over with a critical eye. He didn't look any 43, he looked to be in his 50's. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing in this case. Hair already mostly white with a little of it's original light brown throughout. Average height, unassuming build. He looked like the type of man who could blend in if he wanted to. Expert in several of the martial arts, extensive Marine training in demolition, explosives, translating, and human intelligence.
"Mr. Brackshaw, you've been out of the Marines for 17 years. Why are you trying to get into the CIA?"
Sam tilted his head slightly and his lips spread in a rather curious looking smile.
"I'm tired of civilian life General. I want something more. I loved the Marines. I want what I had back."
Reed wasn't sure if that was a good reason or a bad one. At least he had more experience then the last 10 interviewees. All young bucks looking for excitement. If nothing else, Brackshaw seemed to know what he was getting into. His references and skills were better then any that Reed had seen for a while. What the hey, he'd have his assistant run the usual screens.
As soon as that thought passed through his mind, and before he had a chance to say anything regarding his decision, Sam Brackshaw stood and was now shaking his hand. Was the man psychic as well? Perhaps just really good at reading body language.
"Thank you for speaking with me General Reed." He seemed quite confident. Another plus for him.
"My pleasure, we'll call you with any news."
A psychic might come in handy to the bureau Reed thought absently as he regained his chair and watched Brackshaw disappear into the outer office.
He sighed noisily. It would save everybody a lot of time and trouble if Jared were just here to pick out his own partner.
~ Mine


sister said...

Very nice, like getting the "back story" Funny, but I didn't know Sam's last name. He has always just been Sam. I started to question the age 43 thing, but then relized this was the past. Question, any current political relivance to the Gen. Reed? Love ever and huggies.

Renee L. said...

I didn't know that there was a "Reed" currently in the public eye, so I guess not. Either that or I'm getting better and better at this precog thing!
Love you too! Call me if you suddenly find yourself with some time to waste.