Thursday, April 05, 2007

So I'm walking along...

...deep in thought, eyes trained on the ground, meandering to my next class which I have half an hour to get to. I am aware of a presence behind me but think nothing of it. After all, this is Purdue, there's always somebody walking near you. My mind wanders to the dream I had last night featuring all the Fools, Benji's family, fireworks, the ROTC training grounds, a Sergent, a store/restaurant and a girls locker room.
Suddenly I receive quite the shock. Right in my ear, without preamble:
"Little girl!"
To my credit I did not physically jump. My heart skipped a beat or two is all.

To sum up:
Benji + unexpected + "little girl" = CREEPY

On a side note, obviously my power over the universe is growing. I thought of someone and there they were. I feel that the more I practice my mind control skills the better honed they will become. Soon, soon I will wield ultimate domination!

Exchange shouted across Agricultural Mall:
"Benji! I love you!" ~ Kamikaze
"I love you too!" ~ Hallway
"I'll see you again soon!" ~ Kamikaze
"Don't you worry, we'll get that disease cleared up!" ~ Hallway


Ryan said...

I hope many people heard that. I hope many people had their days made by it, and have something to talk about in their boring lives.

luckeyfrog said...

Speaking of "little girl"ishness...

I have saved your text message, and probably will for just about forever, because it makes me laugh. :)

Renee L. said...

Haha, I had to look back in my phone to remember the one you were referencing Jenny. That did turn out pretty funny and I'm glad you liked it. :)