Saturday, April 21, 2007

Perhaps tonight I'll sleep again...

~ Each night sleep evades me. I lie awake in the dark and contemplate my exhaustion.
Each afternoon I lie down for a short rest. I read for awhile and when my mind grows sluggish and heavy I pull the cool, sun splashed linen over my head and slip away.
I drift between shadow and light. Floating in and out of dreams mixing with reality.
I wake and worry that I'll not rest tonight either. Worry that this is becoming an addiction of the worst sort.
In my dreams I see shadows of the past. People that I haven't seen for a decade and couldn't name to save my life. A place that I left behind long ago.
My dreams make no more sense then at night, but they are laced with disconcerting familiarity.
Is there reason behind the visions? I wake, not pleased by the joy I take in my mind's vivid chaos, but disturbed by unseen auras and hidden meanings.
Perhaps tonight I'll sleep again.
~ Me again

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