Monday, April 16, 2007

Yes, men can fake it...

~ "You know, as much as I love your mom and the touchingly co-dependant relationship you two share, I'm gonna have to turn you down on the dinner offer. You see I've got this thing. This motto if you will. It's "Start fraternizing with crazy people and you'll become one too." Sorry, I make no exceptions, though if I did...well, I still wouldn't go out with you, especially if that old bag that you, to put it delicately, sprung from the loins of, was around. Now if there's anything else I can help you with, anything at all, you just be sure and give me a jingle, ok? I'm serious now, don't you hesitate, just pick that phone right up and call me, I'll always have time for you in my life."
Leanna stared at Jared for a moment. "Are you finished then? Good! Now you listen here! I don't care what the heck you say, you are going with me to that dinner and you will pretend to like me. Goodness knows I've done enough for you, the least you could do is give up one afternoon for a friend!"
Jared stood gazing down at her, expressionless. She didn't move, her face still thrust within inches of his. There was a very long, very pregnant pause.
Jared finally broke the silence with a bored sounding monotone. "I hate you."
"That may well be, but you'd best start brushing up on your acting. I expect you to be completely convincing. It's not to much to ask. I've faked liking you enough."
~ All mine


Anonymous said...

is this the hintings of "couplehood" for Jare?????? We've waited soooooo loong, but is SHE the one????

Benji said...

I was thoroughly entertained