Thursday, April 12, 2007

A timely exit...

~ Jacob didn't actually mean to smash the vase, but he couldn't swear that it was wholly unintentional either. Looking back on it he could see now that it had probably been a bad idea either way. His uncle's butler was just rounding the corner. Jacob did a quick scan of the room to see if there was any scenery handy that he could melt into. There wasn't. There never is.
"Master Diamon, are you alright?" Jacob could see that the fake concern was just killing the man. He decided to roll with that.
"Oh my goodness! Phillip! I think I may have sprained my wrist trying to catch that vase. What a shame it was all for naught! Such a beautiful piece!"
Jacob added a couple of soft "tsk's" for good measure while he gazed down at the broken shards with as much mournfulness as he would if it had been a small, recently demised child. He cradled his left wrist gingerly.
Phillip raised an immaculate eyebrow. "Really sir? What a pity."
Jacob nodded his agreement and winced convincingly.
"Why don't you nip round to the kitchen and see if Mrs. Dalinger can't fix you up. I'll just clean up the remains of this 17th century artifact shall I?"
"That would be top drawer Phillip." Jacob went for his exit with good hustle, but no more then one might expect from someone belabored by a vase-sprained wrist. He silently congratulated himself. He was pretty good at this. ~
~S'all mine

Yes dear readers, in one fell swoop I have almost doubled the number of characters associated with Aiden! "How does she do it!?" You are no doubt asking yourselves. Well first you need a rubber glove, one of those seat belt protectors, some broccoli, one generic Claritin tablet, a lollipop and a gold anklet...
Wait just a minute, that's the recipe for complex plot line! Anyway, it doesn't matter, what I wanted you to know is that this is part of Aiden's story. So there you go. That wasn't so bad was it?


sis said...

Please, we need ties, connections, to our dear boy.

Renee L. said...

They shall come in the fullness of time...