Friday, April 20, 2007

The fine line between sanity and chaos...

~ Aiden did not visit Hannah Larson often. His consultations with her could be likened to the average person's view of colonic irrigation. Not something you'd want to do everyday, but when you're severely constipated it starts to seem like not such a bad idea.
Aiden had never once elected to come by for a cup of herb tea and a bit of gossip. He was driven there by life events. He was seeing her increasingly often these days. Of the news he'd come to her with in the past, his house exploding was definitely the most exciting. At least more so then the spontaneous combustion of his computer or the disappearance of his car.
Aiden didn't really know why exactly he kept coming here. It's not like she ever did anything that really helped the situation, but she did know what was going on at least. He'd been convinced through his teen years that she had something to do with it. Had some control over what was happening to him. He had thought about murdering her. She'd sent him a letter via a strong gust of wind, telling him it wouldn't do any good. Aiden hadn't slept for a week after that.
Aiden clung to her and despised her all at the same time. And now her incense burners were talking to him.
Aiden didn't spend much time in idle speculation but he took a moment now to wonder what it would be like to find out that his entire life up to this point were actually a dream and to wake up normal in a world where jade dragons remained frozen and inanimate, and the universe was nothing more then a benign, abstract concept.

He realized to late that he had once again missed everything that the dragon said. He saw movement behind the beaded curtain and was aware of someone making their way down the dim, narrow passageway, probably, to collect him.
Without pausing to actually think it through Aiden came forward, leaned over the shelf and hurriedly gestured to his pocket. He was a little surprised when the dragon actually seemed to understand and jumped unquestioningly into it just as Ted Patterson reentered the crowded shop front and beckoned silently for him to come along.
Aiden felt his stone companion, heavy and cold, move about against his chest, finally settle himself comfortably, and then lay still.
Aiden followed Mr. Patterson into the dark. ~
~ I made this!

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luckeyfrog said...

Hannah Larson is the name of my mentor teacher for my Block III education course.