Sunday, April 22, 2007

Things don't go as I plan...

...Which is great cause today was crazy awesome and it was nothing whatsoever like I had planned.
While I was at work Benji messaged to suggest taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and playing outside for awhile. I was hip for that and as it turned out he met me when my shift ended and a short while later we rendezvoused with several of the Fools in Memorial Mall for a bit of frisbee throwing. Tripod is surprisingly good at that. Me and Cowboy also got a chance to showcase our spectacular disk throwing and catching prowess. We've got some crazy moves! The one I'm best at is known in the pro circles as "Missing the frisbee". It's pretty fantastic!
When we'd had our fill of that, we trooped over to the Beering fountain to get wet. And we did. After that it was decided that while we were at it we may as well hit the Engineering fountain as well.
During all this the desire for smoothies spread throughout the group like bubonic plague in Eurasia and hence we made our way across campus to satisfy that urging, thankfully not getting sniped on the way. Something can be said for keeping a constant lookout. Smoothies in hand we ran around the corner for some Subway because they not only allow you to eat fresh there, they encourage it.
After delicious sub sandwiches we parted ways, all satisfied, most still damp at the least, flush with the pleasure of spending three hours in the company of great friends.
Crazy awesome day!

"It's all a problem with body image. My ultimate image is a skinny, geeky, pasty white boy and I have attained that. I am a god in my own eyes!" ~ Tripod

"I'll take what's behind bachelor number two." ~ Kamikaze

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