Saturday, October 14, 2006

Crash and burn... and run, suck it up and take it like a man. All good sayings.

Since it's only 10:30 on a Saturday morning and I have no friends currently logged into AIM I shall air my dirty laundry here.
Today I took my sweet lil' ol' car down to the Friendly Neighborhood Midas to have the oil changed, wiper blades replaced, stuff like that. Simple right? No. The other day on my weekly supply reconnaissance mission it started to overheat. The little "check engine" light came on and the whole schlemeel. I take a peek under the hood and notice that the coolant is mighty darn low (similar to the Sahara being "mighty darn low" on water), so I dump some in there. Coolant is something I carry with me in the trunk for just such an occasion. So anyway, I tell em to check it out for me, cause even after that the darn thing was still getting too hot.
As it turns out, the bottom seal on the radiator is shot. You put coolant in, and coolant comes out. They're going to get a new one in on Monday for me ("So they say." she notes, incredulously.) but this whole deal is going to run me about 500 smackeroos. Granted I've had the car for almost a year now and this is really the first thing that's gone wrong with it, so I guess I'm lucky, but my previous car (and car repair) experience has left a bad taste in my mouth.
To add to it! I decide to leave the car there and they call a taxi for me (my first taxi ride ever, and it was all I ever dreamed of) and I ride back over to Hawkins. As I get out of the car I automatically brush my hand across my belt to check that my keys are there (never lock em inside that way) and realize that I left my keyring at the mechanics. Yup, all my keys are still on it. Thankfully you can borrow room and bathroom keys from the front desk or I'd be screwed. And thankfully I'm not opening the library this weekend, or I'd be screwed.

In other news, I now have a nickname! I think Benji dubbed me, although there might have been joint effort going on there between Ryan, Cowboy and he. Hard to tell, it was in the middle of a crowded Applebees. I am now Renee "Kamikaze" [Insert last name if you know it] (ha! take that Internet Stalkers!).
The Non-Kamikaze (yeah, there's a story there) is more accurate, but hey, since when did "SoF" become synonymous with "accuracy"? As I told Cowboy, I've always wanted to be a pilot...just not that kind...

I also had my first 1000 Blank White Cards game last night. And this morning. The game went until after 2 AM if I remember correctly. It was quite enjoyable. There are points involved, but they really don't matter (it is a legitimate strategy to make up a card that says you win the game). The point is to make your friends, the people you love, do as many insane and humiliating things as possible. Wait, that doesn't sound fun...But it is. Of course, they're out to do the same to you as well, so that balances it out. I don't remember even a fraction of the cards played but a couple that stood out to me were the Make Out With T. Rex card, the Nuclear Winter card (where all crazy enough, stood outside of Hillenbrand shirtless for 5 minutes), the Bay of Pigs card (played on me, I lost a ton of points but gained 3 Cuban cigars, totally worth it), the Back to The Future Line Recollection Standoff (came down to me and Cowboy, who seemed to have many more up his sleeve so I really don't think I had the dimmest chance of winning that one.), and the 60 Seconds From Hell card (variation of 60 Second Alphabet, played on Tripod and myself, and I got through the alphabet! Here's a shout-out to my mom who homeschooled me up to my senior year of HS! How's it going moms?). After the Nuclear Winter card I was set upon by the urge to play the Purple Nurple card. Anyone who stood in front of Hillenbrand stripped to the waist lost 1000 points (the same amount that they gained by doing it) but then Andrew (or Peace, as we have taken to calling him, thanks to Cowboy) played the Revenge of the Y Chromosome card. If you were female with a name that started with "R" you were docked 6000 points. Coincidentally the same number of collective points that were taken after the Purple Nurple card. Hmmmmm
To sum up:
It was hilarious, it was great, overall, fantastic hangoutage. It doesn't get much funner then that!

Kamikaze signing off.

~"You licked my chest!!!"~
SOG, after the Gay Chicken card was put into play.


Benji said...

I can only imagine that SOG was saying,"You licked my chest" about T. Rex. I kid you not, the boy will lick nipples to when a game of gay chicken.

Renee L. said...

Heck yeah! He was paired with Andrew and the boy went straight for the balls! Literally! It was frightening...I'm glad I don't have balls...

No but seriously, Alex said it to Cowboy. Those two have either no pride or way, way to much!

luckeyfrog said...

lol... Benji, I was sad that you weren't there for the Gay Chicken Tourney. There was a bracket and everything, and it ended in a 3-way tie after everything started getting painful to watch. (Strangely enough, all 3 of those who "won" have girlfriends.)

Ryan said...

That's got a few 1000 BWC pictures in there. Also, I was sad that Benji wasn't there for Gay Chicken.

That does mean, however, my record stands at 4-0-1