Monday, October 30, 2006

The show must go on...

...and it did at that!
I'm speaking of the Annual Ship of Fools Halloween Show of course.
I believe I'll skip right to my favorite part of the show. In fact, I think I'm safe in saying it was a lot of people's favorite part of the show. The zompocalypse. Yes, you heard right. There was a zompocalypse. During the show. The Halloween show.
Perhaps I should begin at the beginning.
During the show Ryan got Benji out of the room by cleverly planning a Press Conference, in which Benji was the celebrity. Once the door was shut tight The Rex gave us the lowdown. Benji is looking forward to the zompocalypse...and (correct me if I'm wrong, Benji) is apparently hoping for it to happen on his wedding day. Our parts in the ordeal were assigned and signals arranged. Benji was called back in and did a successful Press Conference. That's when things started to get interesting.
Ryan immediately got him back on stage after PC was over for a Blind Lines game. The setting: Benji's wedding. The scene is going fine. Some good advice was passed on from Ryan's grandma ("Today you are a real boy!") and so on and so forth.
Suddenly, oh my gosh! What's that? Zombies! It's the zompocalypse!

Ryan: "What do they want?!"
Zombie Audience: "Braaaiiins."
Ryan: "When do they want them?!"
Zombie Audience: "Braaaiiins."
As one the zombies rose to their cold dead feet, reaching for the two mortals with their stiff clammy arms, a vacant otherworldly glint in their collective eye, and started shuffling forward.
Ryan (snatching up his shotgun and throwing down a chair to entrench himself behind): "Benji! Defend yourself!"
Benji (pulling out his cane sword, prepared to fight off the un-dead hordes with his second at his back): "To infinity and beyond!"

It was a lot of fun.

~ "I'd like to smear you in chocolate and have some fun with you." ~
~ Spanke, last line of If You Know What I Mean


luckeyfrog said...

Oh, what fun. :)

I also loved Spanke's last line... so perfectly not a "if you know what I mean" vague innuendo that it was hilarious.

Ryan said...

That was pretty much the best game ever. Do you have a recording? I want to broadcast it to the world.

Renee L. said...

I have footage of both If You Know What I Mean and the Zompocalypse. I'm not sure which one you mean, but it doesn't matter. Because I have both. As I referenced. :)