Sunday, October 22, 2006

Something I thought was funny...

...A couple things actually.

1) A bit of AIM away message levity. For those of you playing along at home: docmilanowski = Benji, joyful zephyr = Me.
Auto response from docmilanowski: With a friend like joyful zephyr, who needs hallucinations?
Benji is always great entertainment late at night. If you know what I mean.

2) 668: Neighbor of The Beast.

3) Canadian DOS prompt: EH?\>

"Bwahahahahaha, oh Renee, you always crack me up!"


Anonymous said...

I find it not all that Ironic that the torture scene follows the mention of your ex-roomy, Freudian I think so.

CONGRATS.... on a GREAT first show !!!!I heard via the grape-cord that you were super!

Folks from the Queen say hi and they miss you (probably cause they now realise precicely how weird and nerdy I am and are stuck with me, making you, seem EVEN cooler and nicer in hindsight)

Will you be home tonight? As I've been wanting to call for ages but when I'm free is always a time that you're not :(
PS did NOT get a nano-mole at Chem. Week was going to grab one early on but got busy explaining micelles so some grubby handed little twerp got mine of all the grosses they gave out.

PSS Mom says that she will not call you "that name" but shall instead call you, "Commie as in short for communist". Which I guess she thinks is higher on the moral ladder (just up from pediphile, as her EXTENSIVE past research into every commie experiance on earth ever, showed that genicide, mass starvation, gross human rights abuses, etc. are an integral portion of all communist societies)

Anonymous said...

So I'm starting to get the idea about Chemistry after all this time follows is my illustrious past in the full detail of my passionate love and scathing of the atom....
Chem Prof # 1 ," You should STOP THINKING, and use your calculator for EVERYTHING".

# 2, "Oh, YOU ARE CRAZY, all right!"

# 3, (LAB) "Oh YES, WE definatly DON'T want you to take this AGAIN!"

# 4, "Just the fact that you KNOW the term "ubergeek" and it's definition pretty mush secures that YOU ARE A NERD".

Am I sensing that I am perhaps not wanted in this pursuit of atomic relations?But,,, Gee EVERY single teacher?
Give me a life in the humanities, where at least I am appreciated as more than a biological oddity.

Renee L. said...

The science world loves you Christine! In much the same way as the math world loves me...

Anonymous said...

I mean near EVERY Prof, I've had in ANY non-science class as attempted to convert me to their field. In fact I can't think of a single one except that Stat class prof that didn't. They all babble on about, "Bla bla bla finest mind I've seen in years,, bla bla great potental bla bla,,best natural talent bla bla" all whilst dangling an orb in front of my near/far-sighted eyes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, other than The Twit, not a single one of the science folks (I am in the manner of Drake counting Psych, and Soc. as humanities) has said anything of that nature... cept Dr Breger and he was saying it to everyone.