Saturday, October 21, 2006

Insanity prevailed...

...and there was a slight breeze out of the northwest. Thus begins the everlasting record of the first ever SoF show with Kamikaze acting as helmswoman.

7:00-9:30 After some initial practice and game run-throughs in Beering 2280 the troupe headed over to Stake n' Shake for some pre-show refreshments. While there we entertained the waitress immensely and played peek-a-boo with some cute little kid a couple seats down.
In addition, a plan for some supplemental income for the Fools was developed. The enterprise will be called Shank n' Shiv. "Having trouble in the showers? Call Shank n' Shiv! With the Deluxe Package we'll even supply the alibi!"
There may be stock options available shortly.

9:30-11:00 Arrived at Co-Rec and found not very many people in attendance as of yet. After some initial standing outside the back door tasting the "popcorn air" with Kyle (Benji and Cowboy being the onlookers) the group congealed in the middle of the large gym floor and rocked out to the jammin' tunes. A tiny isle of insane fun alone in the midst of hardwood basketball courts with a few seemingly solemn people skulking against the far walls and dodging in and out of shadows. And I'll tell ya, we've got some smoooooth dancers in this group! Some of the spectacular moves included: The Sprinkler, The Monkey, The Weird Little Thing You Do With Two Fingers Across Your Eyes, The Shopping Cart, The Slide, The Robot, and so forth. It was awesome!
And then someone said "Let's shoot some hoops!" And most of us took off down the room for some pseudo basketball. At first it was two on two, which morphed to three on three, and then Tripod jumped in. He was just playing for the team in the black shirts.
In no time at all we were bundled outside by our Fearless Leader for 5 minutes of fast paced warmups before our set was supposed to start.

11:00-11:45 "I want every one of you to be hoarse tomorrow!"~T. Rex
The acoustics sucked. But soaring above and beyond trifling issues such as not being heard, the SoF prevailed! Twas a good show! Unfortunately I missed some of it, what with being behind the performers you can't take in all the good facial expressions and stuff.
Some highlights included:
~A very active Countdown in which Alex hurt himself yet again by throwing himself (with gusto) at the floor, perhaps utilizing Douglas Adams' method of learning to fly? Where better to be distracted from hitting the ground then at an improv show? The game also included a lot of people carrying other people across the stage.
~The successful completion of a human pyramid (always funny!) during That's How It Really Happened. That always gives you a warm and tingly feeling when it gets pulled off.

All in all, a great evening!

"My phone's more manly then your phone!" ~ Cowboy
"Oh yeah, well my phone knows how to love a woman!" ~ Benji

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Ryan said...

Thanks as always for the links love, the quoting, and such. Excellent show recap.