Saturday, October 21, 2006

To the heights of insomnia...

...and beyond! Yeah, I can't sleep.
I got an interesting call today. It was from my old roomie. Yup, you remember her don't ya? Of course you do! How could you forget her! Our conversation pretty much went like this:

Me: "Oh, hi."
Her: "Hey, could you curl my hair at about 4:35?" (What do I look like? Your personal stylist?)
Me: "No, I've got something going already." (That something pretty much consisted of me wanting to take a nap.)
Her: "Even if I paid you?" (Yeah. Dignity, get your dignity right here! Cheap, close-out prices!)
Me: "Fraid not." (Over my cold dead rigor mortis afflicted body.)
Her: "Oh. Ok."

That conversation is pretty indicative of our general relationship.

I found this bit that I apparently wrote last semester stuck in a notebook. Hope you like it. Just for background info, this is before the Dynamic Duo get captured and subsequently tortured.

~Sam leaned back against the cool brick wall and took a few deep gasping breaths, eyes half shut. After a few moments Jared couldn't help but notice the state of things.
"What's wrong with you?", he demanded.
"I forgot to tell you, I'm a little claustrophobic."
Jared's eyes narrowed slightly. "Well pull it together. We don't have time for that."
Sam glared at him. "Thanks Jare, that really helps!"

Jared gritted his teeth. "Don't call me Jare!"~
~Me, s'all me baby.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'm dead wrong here, as you know your people better than do I, but if one of the two was a bit clammy in tight spaces, I think that Jared would be the one. He would naturally not admit this readily, would be angered at his "weakness", and would not go into a full panic attack or anything. He would use mind-control techs. just as they use under torture for pain management, and thought channeling so as not to let slip info whilst semi-conscious. If he did tell Sam it would be cause Sam guessed and asked, then Sam knowing Jare would not accept touchy-feely (ie sympathy) would use the get-it-together-buster-marines-type approach, which would further steel Jare's pretty darn firm self controling methods.
but perhaps I'm wrong.....

Renee L. said...

I hate to disagree my fine reader/flesh n' blood but alas, I do. You see Jared was once a Navy jet pilot, as you are sure to know, and F-14 cockpits are not all that roomy. Neither are the rooms within aircraft carriers for that matter. Jared has his weaknesses, to be sure, but this doesn't happen to be one of them. On the contrary I think Sam's character twould be more susceptible to such things.

Anonymous said...

Zactly' what I mean about Jare.... """"You see Jared was once a Navy jet pilot, as you are sure to know, and F-14 cockpits are not all that roomy. Neither are the rooms within aircraft carriers for that matter."""" It is something that he controls, and most of the time (ie "normal" operating conditions, or whilst in the adrenaline of the moment of action) he can fully focus himself away from this issue, but get him into that scary inbetween area of calm to total stress that prolonged aroused and stressed zone, when his mind can start to wonder under this extended strain....... Otherwise he can control it by focusing on the flying and kicking enemy butt ahead or just past in smaller spans of time he is just find, but stretch him mentally and emotionally for weeks on end and his defences start to weaken. The best way for him to get out of it is anger,, towards someone else, as he is already disgusted with himself over this frailty. Though, I'm sure you know him better.

And are you going to be home tonight???

Renee L. said...

Most likely I'll be home, try me and see!