Saturday, October 28, 2006

The things they are a happenin'...

...and never were six words spoken more truly...truthful...truthfully...with a lot of truth!
Today we're actually going to start something new, since my last few days have been just so jam packed with news. To try our best to avoid the freakishly long and tortuous post we're going to try...wait for it...series!
You see, today I will tell you about today. Tomorrow I will tell you about yesterday. Follow me? And then the day after tomorrow I will tell you about the day before yesterday. It all makes so much sense!
Ok, today starts at midnight. Round about midnight if I remember correctly I was probably sitting on Kyle's couch rocking out to Ryan "T. Sexy" Garwood's party mix CD's. "Who was sitting with you?" You inquire inquisitively. Well I'll tell ya, seating was a hot commodity last night. The party (see tomorrow's post for the beginning of the party which started yesterday) was really standing room only, and there wasn't even much of that. There was a lot of shuffling going on. In short, I was probably with some combo of Kara, Cowboy, Benji, and Freshman.
It was great fun, Cowboy got Kara trained for the reflex arm raising and "Huzzah!" whenever she hears "Time out". He also made repeated attemps to haze me.
Cowboy: "Noob! Did I give you permission to use the trash can?"
Me: (in his face) "No, no you didn't!"
Cowboy: "Good job, way to stand up for yourself."
Cowboy: "Did I give you permission to touch the Benji, Noob?"
Cowboy: "Did I give you permission to speak, Noob?
My responses were pretty much consistent throughout (aka blatant denial, insubordinate backtalk, picketing, etc).
Cowboy: "I haze because I care."

The whole shebang went on until about 2:30 this morning, but more about that tomorrow.

Unfortunately it was not all fun and games for everybody. A car caught fire in the Wood St garage. I was not present but word on the street is that there was also at some point an explosion involved (having seen the aftermath I am inclined to believe this). Because he has the darndest luck in the world, Alex's car happened to be parked next to the one that exploded. When he was ready to leave he went out to get his car and it wasn't there. They'd had all three of the cars (the Jeep that started the whole thing, SOG's beautiful new red 2003 Corolla, and the Ranger that was on the other side of Alex's car) towed after the fire department had got them extinguished.
This morning I drove him and his girlfriend down to the towing yard to take pictures and see if there was anything to be saved inside it. It's terrible. The whole drivers side scorched, most of the windows broken, most of the interior burnt or melted...
All I have to say is, I'm sure glad Alex wasn't in there when it happened!
Two things we all found very helpful were the man that they sent out to watch us looking at the car and his buddy that joined us after a bit (we were thinking that they were possibly imported from Alabama) . Their comments ran along the lines of:

~Guy #1: "It smells like burnt car." I'm not exactly sure what he thought we'd think it smelled like...

~Guy #2: "Hey, your water bottle on the floor survived just fine!" Oh, thank goodness!

~Guy #1: "Those CD's should be just fine if you cut the cases off and leave em to dry face down on a shelf for a day."

~Guy #2: "Was he a forner?" Referencing the owner of the Exploding Jeep.
Guy #1: "Yeah, couldn't speak no English!"
Guy #2: "That explains it!"

Ok, so my series plan is working great, but so far we've only gotten through the first 12 hours of today. We'll extend the series! Tomorrow (which will then be today) I'll talk more about today (or yesterday, tomorrow), and then the day after tomorrow I'll talk about yesterday which will at that time the day before yesterday, and then the day after the day after tomorrow I'll talk about the day before yesterday. Ok?

Until next time (tomorrow):
Guy #1 "It'll all be ok once the insurance man gets out that checkbook and starts writing."


luckeyfrog said...

Cowboy: "Did I give you permission to touch the Benji, Noob?"

I am sad I missed that exchange.

Also, I hope Kara enjoyed improv and the party and maybe will come back? :)

Renee L. said...

I think that she had a blast and is planning to come to the Hawkins show! We just may have made a new audience member.

Cowboy said...

Just so you know...I did not even give you PERMISSION to put that
Cowboy: "Did I give you permission to touch the Benji, Noob?"
in your blog. I dont recall doing so. Either way it was a good ol time.