Monday, October 16, 2006

Just one time...

...I'd like to have some real academic success here at Purdue. Just to remind me what it feels like to actually do good at something again.
I try not to fill this blog up with pages and pages of whining, but this is my outlet, so my advice to you is: If you don't like hearing me complain, don't read this.
Got my aero exam back today. Failed it. Failed. Not the first time I've failed an exam by any stretch of the imagination, but I had really hoped that maybe I could eke out a passing grade in this course the first time around.
The feller next to me asked how I did. I said "Horribly" and something about having to take the course over. He said something encouraging along the lines of "Oh you can catch up, this is only the first exam." Also only half way through the semester and my last chance to drop it without a failing grade on my record.
When is it a good idea to give up? When do you have to simply accept the fact that you can't do something? When are you an idiot for waving the white flag to soon? When are you an idiot for waving it to late?
I can't fail a course this semester. I have to come back here. I can't get suspended.
Why is this so hard for me? Don't I have what it takes?
I don't want to give up.


Anonymous said...

Darlin' He just wants to cha-cha
just wants to cha-cha,,,oh um sorry didn't hear you come in. I Totalllllly feel you on the afore mentioned "issues" given my afore-placed knowledge and afore-spoken-greatly-of discussion of the matter. I vote you off the island! Grin and ace everything else, and give it another whirl next term. Remember, the longer you stay in school the closer to becoming facaulty you are, and that's good. In the frame of the universe and time, what is another year in school? (this is what I tell myself all the time)Which easily translates into what is another 5 years in school, another 10, 20 etc, and THAT is how people like us end up as career students!
PS you better hope Mom or Aunt Bea isn't reading your post about the "shirtless" game or "those boys" will be making for the Canadian border if they wish to remain functionally male. "They are just into you for your body", any of this ring a bell? Just no matter how innocent, things get spun, so remember what happens at SOF stays at SOF!
PSII What organism did Tiger terminate? Or did the attachment occur post-mortum?

Love and huggeys

PSIII Ask the Repository of Knowledge (Benji) about my arguement on Aero, explain my facts, benifits and drawbacks, see if he (and he will) arrive at the self-same conclusion.
PSIV I wouldn't have started the ps if I'd known it would go on like this, What in the name of all that is decent, are you doing with THAT word as a talisman, handle etc. I expect better of you and THEM.

Renee L. said...

Ummmmm, I wasn't one of the shirtless ones...thought that was clear...
Anyway, I'm pretty sure that Tiger just stepped on the bones in the mud, probably a racoon or something that died down by the pond.
And thanks for the encouragment.

Anonymous said...

Didn't ever think you were, I know better. They however (family) will interprete the "guys" as encouraging such hidiousness, after all it was them that gave you THAT word as a name. I'm only watching your back here.

Why can't guys and girls be pals-chums-friends-buddies without everyone assuming that it is "with benifits".

Single-unattached of the world unite against the masses of ignorance!

Anonymous said...

Why does your blog give the time as EST not real time zone of posting? Just noticed

Why is the sky blue?

luckeyfrog said...

:( I wish I had a good argument to counter your complaints, but from a great deal of trying to cheer up another certain aero... I've pretty much resolved that there's not much I can say that works. Or at least I haven't found it yet. But I think I'll give it a try anyway, because you're awesome!

1. You're already here, at Purdue, in the aero program. That means that you're smart, AND it means that eventually whatever GPA you have will have the Purdue label next to it on your resume. And Purdue means a lot- especially in certain fields. It's an extremely challenging program at a great university, and that's going to be taken into account. Or at least it should be, if people aren't idiots. And most people hiring aero engineers shouldn't be idiots, I would think.

2. You know how everyone says "it's not rocket science"? ...Well, this IS. It's SUPPOSED to be really hard. You're obviously not the only one that finds it difficult.

3. Even if you have to retake classes or whatever, isn't your dream worth it? I know I don't know you very well, but I'm pretty sure that to even get this far, you have to be pretty dedicated. The thing is... if this is really what you want to do, I think you have to adopt a "whatever it takes" attitude. If you do anything else, you might regret it forever and hold a lot of "what ifs" and not be truly happy.

4. It's never hopeless. I know it sounds useless when someone tells you "you can catch up," but it really has only been half of the semester. There's a lot of the semester left, and lots of different approaches you can try to improve your understanding/grades. Try to find classmates to work and study with, go see the professor in office hours, try to get help from any older friends who can help, spend even more time studying... I don't know what you might be doing already, but I'm pretty sure there's always more you can do. If you're not sure if it's possible to pull things up from here, try estimating your current grade and looking at how many points are left. Maybe talk to a professor or at least someone who's taken the class to see if it sounds possible to bring things up. If not... you might consider dropping it, if it's going to be a big deciding factor on whether or not you can stay at Purdue.

5. I know it's easy for me to be idealistic when I haven't been there. I'll be honest, I very nearly cracked under the pressure of one class that I had a hard time with (chem) and got a C in my first semester. I know that I can't understand at all how you or Ryan or anyone feels when they have 3 or more classes simultaneously and seriously kicking their butts, but I have felt really down on myself because of school, and it just sucks. I know I shouldn't link my identity to grades or anything, but when that's something you're proud of, it's hard not to. So, while this may not sink in... you're really sweet and funny and, from what I can tell, smart. You're a good person, and whether you decide you can handle aero or not, you will remain one. You have to do what you feel is right... and good luck with that. It's not an easy decision. :-\

PS-- whining is totally allowed. especially in your own blog. but also to me if you want. :) Feel free to IM me! *muah!* Sorry to write the longest comment ever!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad you have got persons as sweet and genuinly caring as Jenny up there, she brings up some very good points, you are not some letter on a paper, of course it's hard to be in one of the most presigous eng. programs, you are VERY intellegent (MENSA qualifier) 5 gillion point SAT, etc. But the competition is the world's best and most type A personallities. I have full faith in you not only as a smart girl, but as a dedicated one who will keep tunneling like the Cooler King, and if they fetch you back, go again! Jenny's right, and she only knows a fraction of what I know you have risen above and hacked through, all your life. As Mom said you were born a fighter! So what if it takes another stab at a class in a legandary school and top knotch program? Would it be better to go to some adveragy school with a 4.0 (which you could do no sweat)I think not, and know you do too. Sides, you have one small boy who worships you and the Purdue Ground you trod on, and you must live up to that expectation. :) Remember the lily must get through the mucky sludge before it surfaces on the water in all it's radiance beauty (or insert own tacky metaphor here).Besides lots of super smart-homeskewled people failed college course, I know there's plenty but for the present just take these as examples for those I can't think of Thomas Edison, Winston Churchhill, Plato, Gen. Patton, Newton, Pasteur, Golgi, Chopin, Currie and so on.

Love and huggies, me

Anonymous said...

IT's NOT giving up... it's having the military-like foresight to know when losing a battle can win the war. Withdrawing from PU, coming home working a JayC, and attending JCC now that would be giving up!